Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A New Kind of Secret Society

I went to a small college that offered very little in the way of a social scene-unless you joined a fraternity or sorority. Looking back on it, I'm not really sure what compelled me to actually attend rush and pledge a sorority but I'm pretty sure it shaped my entire future. Being a sister led me to meeting my wonderful husband, James, which led me to becoming a mommy almost four months ago to my beautiful daughter, Emily.

A popular slogan from my sorority days popped into my head last week as I was looking at Emily. I don't remember it verbatim but it went something along the lines of "from the outside looking in you couldn't understand it and from the inside looking out you could never explain it". How funny that something from a time in my life I hold so very dearly in my heart also applies now to motherhood.

I feel like when you give birth you are inducted into a new kind of secret society. I can't tell you how many times I have said "no one prepared me for that!". It's like there are secrets to being pregnant, giving birth and being a mom that other moms aren't allowed to tell you.

There are also things you could never understand until you are a parent. Before Emily, a crying child used to drive me up the wall. But guess what? My child isn't crying on the airplane, in the restaurant or in the store to solely drive you crazy and piss you off. At 4 months old my child is crying because she needs something and trust me, I am doing the best I can to find out what that something is.

Initially I wanted this blog to chronicle my going back to work in a few short days. But instead I think it will be a little bit of everything about me-being a new mom, a working mom. And being a wife, daughter, sister, friend.

I love to read, write, cook, and shop. I also love football. And I watch way too much tv. So why not include all of those things as well? Because really, life is not just about being Emily's mommy.

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  1. Love to read your blogs! I hope one day you can advise me on motherhood!