Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit

For the first three months of Emily's life I did something I always swore up and down I'd never do. I slept on the couch with her on my chest. Spare me the lectures because I am 100% aware of how terrible that is. But you try to deal with a baby who refuses to sleep unless held and then come talk to me. Everyone told me swaddle, swaddle, swaddle. Well guess what? Emily does not like to be swaddled. She would either cry the minute you swaddled her or she pull a Houdini and rip her arms out of that blanket in 2.5 seconds flat. So I began to swaddle her from the armpits down and left her little arms free to flail about. Except when she would flail her arms about it would startle her and wake her up. I resigned myself to the fact that I would probably be sleeping on the couch with her until she was 18 and moving away to college. Cody was in all his glory and more than once I found his furry little head up near my pillow. At least one of us was getting to enjoy my side of the bed.

The pediatrician had said Emily's sleep issues might not be resolved until she was 6 months old. I could handle a few weeks of sleeping on the couch but 6 months? No way, Jose. So off to the trusty world wide interweb I went. In the beginning of my pregnancy I began frequenting and desperately hoped the mom's there would have the answer to all of my sleep issues.

I should have known my fellow mommies would have the answers. After a few days of searching buzz began to grow over this new product that promised to change my life-Baby Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit. It is designed for babies who are too big to be swaddled and would keep them from moving their limbs and startling themselves. I sifted through various posts of women attesting to how wonderful this little suit was. When I saw someone mention it was only $39.95 I jumped on and ordered one of those bad boys. Even if it didn't work it wasn't like I was spending hundreds of dollars. I crossed my fingers and hoped this was the answer to all of my problems.

When the suit came in the mail I did a little dance of joy, ripped the package open and immediately stuffed Emily into it. As soon as I saw her staring up at me I started cracking up. She totally looked like Randy from A Christmas Story in it ("I can't put my arms down!"). Even if the thing didn't work I could at least snap a few photos to show her reason #254 why she will eventually need a therapist.

Laugh if you want. Make fun of me for putting my baby something so ridiculous looking. But I will have the last laugh because this sucker actually works! Not only does it keep her snug but it also keeps her warm, eliminating the need for the dreaded blanket in the crib. My girl went from wailing the minute we put her down to sleeping soundly for upwards of 10 hours at night in this thing. $40 well spent!

So if you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift I highly recommend you pick one up for the mommy to be. People might give you the side eye when she opens it but trust me she will be calling you after the baby is born to thank you.


  1. one of my friends just had a baby i might need to point her in this direction since the baby is opposed to sleeping in any container other than her moms arms

  2. Mason is sleeping in his right now!