Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sometimes my FB friends scare me.

Wow. First of all I've clearly dropped the ball on keeping up with my blog. Since the last time I bothered to post something Miss E has turned 1, the holidays have come and gone and I am a mere 3 days away from what I consider to be the scariest birthday of my life. Football is also coming to an end for another season. My Cowboys outdid themselves this year with another epic season of mediocrity. Oh well, there's always next year.

Speaking of football, I have a genuine curiosity about something. What the eff is up with all of the Tim Tebow hate? Last night as we watched the game I was honestly horrified by the things that I was reading on facebook and made me question some people's morals and character.

What exactly is so offensive about this kid? I understand he is, at best, an inconsistent quarterback who maybe happened to get lucky with how far his team went into the playoffs. Are people mad that the media loves him and that ESPN can't go an entire hour without talking about him? Or are you truly offended by his choice to be so committed to his faith?

I'll admit it - the last time I was at church was probably Christmas Eve...2010. So I'm not into the kid because he is extremely outspoken about his love for God and God's place in his life. I root for Tim Tebow because others don't. When he first started for Denver the media was all over what a terrible quarterback he is, which immediately put me onto Team Tebow.

 I love a good underdog. I love to see someone rise above the critics and do well for himself. I love a guy who my 8 year old brother can imitate when he scores a touchdown in his flag football league and it doesn't make me cringe. I love a guy who is an awesome role model for little kids like my brother. Maybe this is what turns Bryce from a Cowboys fan to a Denver fan (I certainly hope not but as long as he doesn't start cheering for the Giants it's ok). At least he's not jumping around the living room cheering for Big Ben, a fine young man accused not once but twice of sexual assault.

I understand Facebook is a platform to speak your mind. I just wish people didn't have to use it to be downright nasty for no reason. It's just a game folks. And regardless of what the media says, Tim Tebow is just another human being. Cut the kid some slack, will ya? Or at the very least keep the vitriolic statements to yourself. Didn't your mothers teach you that if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all?

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